Integrated Planning & Reporting

Central to our philosophy is the evolution of community planning and assessment. We stand firm on precision, inclusivity, and comprehensive representation. Our mission? To navigate the inherent complexities within the IP&R sphere, paving the way for informed decision-making, optimised resource distribution, and superior outcomes for both communities and institutions.

While many reference the Integrated Planning and Reporting Guidelines for local government in NSW (DLG 2013), our tools and methodologies have global relevance. Whether you opt for our comprehensive suite or bespoke solutions to enhance your strategies, we guarantee unparalleled effectiveness.

Elevating Beyond IP&R Standards: Tackling Challenges with Confidence

Our purpose is to elevate councils in the IP&R journey — from pinpointing community desires and guaranteeing robust involvement to forging impactful Community Strategic Plan collaborations. Here’s our strategic blueprint:

RequirementsCommon BottlenecksOur Innovative Solutions
1Community Needs IdentificationNarrow assessmentsOur Local Opportunities Review (LOR) dives deep, establishing a firm foundation for strategic actions.
2Community EngagementLimited participationOur methods advocate for wide-ranging participation, bolstered by community dialogues. Gamification ensures vibrant participation.
3Deciphering Community AspirationsAmbiguous prioritiesWe prioritise sharply, aligning with aspiration intensity and significance. Roles are well-defined among all stakeholders.
4Strategic Plan CollaborationInconsistent partner engagementWe ensure continuous involvement from varied stakeholders, enriched by constant feedback cycles.
5Merging Council PlansScattered community planningOur comprehensive IP&R model seamlessly integrates both statutory and non-statutory plans for heightened efficacy.
6Ongoing Monitoring & AssessmentInfrequent checksWe commence with all-encompassing data, supported by regular LORs and thorough evaluations.
7Effective Requirement ImplementationExorbitant expensesWe balance competitive pricing with custom sessions, delivering unparalleled value.

Why remain confined by historical constraints? Experience the revolutionary impact of our expertise. United by mutual resources, insights, and a fervent passion for community betterment, let’s surmount challenges and ignite authentic progress.

Contact us now. Together, let’s shape a thriving tomorrow.

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