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CommunitiesThrive® is dedicated to empowering communities to thrive, one data point at a time. Operating from our carbon-neutral base at One International Towers in Sydney’s vibrant CBD, sustainability is central to our ethos. Our primary influence resonates across Australia, but our services also extend to Canada, New Zealand, and the UK. This global reach is further amplified by our partnership with Market Facts Pty Ltd—a beacon in market research since 1975.

Our core services encompass:

  • AI-Powered Integrated Community & Council Solutions: CommunitiesThrive® revolutionises local council planning in Australia by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance Integrated Planning & Reporting (IP&R). Our approach seamlessly combines community engagement with strategic planning, converting complex community data into actionable insights. This leads to the development of smarter, more responsive cities that leverage cutting-edge technology alongside active public participation. Find out more.
  • Operational Excellence with SmartCouncil.AI: SmartCouncil.AI is transforming local council operations with its cutting-edge, email-driven AI tool. Designed to automate and manage document creation, review, and administration across various formats, it is customised to meet the unique demands of each council. By integrating seamlessly with existing templates and harnessing a broad spectrum of council data, SmartCouncil.AI ensures outputs not only meet council objectives and guidelines but also adhere to the strictest privacy and cybersecurity protocols. Find out more.
  • Local Government Research Summaries: Our comprehensive collection of AI-enhanced research summaries delves into the dynamic and multifaceted world of local government. This curated selection offers insightful overviews of recent scholarly articles, each meticulously analysed to provide you with a clear understanding of the latest trends, challenges, and innovations in local governance. Find out more.

Dr Chris Budhan, our Founder and Managing Director, is a dual citizen of Australia and Canada. With a career spanning senior management and strategic consultancy in local government, he has academic credentials from McGill University, New York University, and the University of Texas at Austin, reflecting his global acumen.

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CommunitiesThrive®: The Forefront of Community Excellence

Worldwide Knowledge, Community-Centric ApproachOur vast consulting journey across numerous countries grants us a distinctive edge to address challenges intrinsic to local governments, community organisations, philanthropic institutions, and ESG-reporting corporations.
Powerful Fusion: Academia Meets IndustryIn partnership with top-tier universities, our strategies seamlessly weave scholarly depth with actionable industry wisdom.
Next-Gen Tech SolutionsHarnessing the power of AI and cutting-edge tools, we decode pivotal local factors shaping community well-being, satisfaction, and holistic living. This data-driven wisdom propels us to engineer strategies that set positive changes in motion.

At the heart of our vision lies invaluable community feedback. Through bespoke surveys, we amplify voices, tapping into the community’s pulse. Our unwavering dedication ensures that organisations we work with resonate with evolving community aspirations.

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Dr Chris Budhan, Managing Director

Dr Chris Budhan, the driving spirit behind CommunitiesThrive®, has carved a distinguished path in senior leadership and local government consulting. Renowned for leading transformative community projects, he has consistently delivered data-driven strategies, enhancing council operations. His adeptness at harnessing AI has led to innovative solutions, notably AI-powered community outreach for water conservation and in-depth community sentiment analyses.

An honoured graduate of prestigious institutions such as McGill University, New York University, and the University of Texas at Austin, Chris seamlessly integrates academic rigour into his professional endeavours. Presently, he’s advancing his academic pursuits with a second doctorate, focusing on the societal impact of community infrastructure. As a valued associate of the University of Technology Sydney: Institute for Public Policy and Governance, he contributed to refining Australia’s Master of Local Government program.

Chris’s leadership and innovative approach to community engagement and development have earned him and his projects several prestigious awards, including two IAP2 Australasia’s premier Core Values Awards, a United Nations LivCom Award, a Heart Foundation Award, and a Parks & Leisure Australia Award. These accolades highlight his commitment to excellence in community participation and the creation of livable, sustainable communities.

His recent projects include a notable engagement study for Bega Valley Shire Council and a comprehensive community perception survey for Gladstone Regional Council. Additionally, Chris has been instrumental in crafting the Community Strategic Plan for Federation Council, overseeing roads service evaluations for Gwydir Shire Council, and guiding essential reviews for Cobar Shire Council. His collaborative efforts are evident in his contribution to the Bonnyrigg Open Space Needs Analysis for the NSW Land and Housing Corporation.

For a detailed exploration of Chris’s professional milestones and his award-winning projects, see the following selection of his work that is publicly available online. For a holistic overview, Chris’s CV can be provided upon request.

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