AgileFlow.AI®: Your Smart PA, Just an Email Away

Transform your operations with AgileFlow.AI®, the premier AI assistant tailored for local governments, non-profits, education providers, ESG-reporting entities, and more. AgileFlow.AI® revolutionises governance, planning, and reporting by automating 50 functions, including compliance, risk management, and DA pre-assessments. It also streamlines document creation, such as council reports, policy drafts, and project plans.

📧 Using AgileFlow.AI® is as easy as emailing a personal assistant. Simply forward relevant details, links, and attachments to specialised email addresses like ‘’ (listed in the PDF below). In about a minute, you’ll receive precise, customised reports tailored to your community and organisation. Alternatively, use our user-friendly online request form.

Watch AgileFlow.AI in Action

Experience the transformative power of AgileFlow.AI® through our engaging demonstration video. Click here to see real-world applications and the compelling benefits AgileFlow.AI® brings to organisations like yours.

In-Depth Insights

Dive into our detailed insights by downloading our comprehensive PDF. Discover in-depth case studies, detailed feature explanations, and learn about the tangible impacts AgileFlow.AI® has on revolutionising organisations’ digital transformation. Find out how our innovative solutions can be tailored to your specific needs.

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